Blockchain Park Now in Goa.


Blockchain Park Now in Goa., Goa has the greatest GDP per capita of any Indian state, more than two and a half times that of the country as a whole! Goa was also regarded as having the best quality of life in India by India’s National Commission on Population.

Goa has seen a surge in the number of professionals and businesses working from home, an appealing place for fostering the next generation of successful.

Web3 startups for a variety of reasons, With this in mind, WazirX, Builders Tribe, and Atal Incubation Centre have teamed up to create.

a Blockchain Park in Goa specifically for Web3 entrepreneurs.

Summary of the Initiative

Blockchain Park Now in Goa., This programme will assist 40 hand-picked companies in developing

top-notch go-to-market solutions for their Web3 products, Infrastructure, policy support, accreditation, and training are all of those things that come with the territory.

The goal of this incubation centre is to give seats for entrepreneurs to collaborate.

What are the benefits of having a Blockchain Park

India already boasts the most developed blockchain developer ecosystem in the world.

Blockchain Park Now in Goa., All we require today is a stable climate.

That is why the Goa Blockchain Park wants to take use of existing possibilities and talent while.

also providing deep-tech blockchain firms with technical know-how, accreditation, and government policy assistance.

The long-term goal is to boost the state’s economy and create jobs, while the short-term goal is to make Goa a model state for everything blockchain!

The Web3 revolution is only getting start.

What is the procedure for implementing this programme

WazirX and Buidlers Tribe have selected investors that will provide a dedicated money pool to the project throughout the programme,

the accelerator programme and provide ecosystem support, training, mentorship, and go-to-market support for meaningful solutions.

WazirX will assist entrepreneurs in identifying the value drivers of these revolutionary technologies and equip them with the knowledge they need to develop solutions. It will also assure the evolution of policy measures and the establishment of a policy framework aimed at boosting the growth of start-ups and the Blockchain ecosystem.

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