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Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Kitties – Opensea

Crypto Kitties were among the first collectible NFTs to hit the market, and they piqued the interest of a segment of the cryptocurrency community.

Crypto Kitties were the forerunners of collectibles like NBA Top Shot (also by Dapper Labs), Crypto Punks, and Soarer, which were all created on the Ethereum blockchain. CryptoKitties was Ethereum’s first official game application, and it accounted for a large amount of Ethereum transactions for a while.

Let’s dig deeper into this fascinating subject.

What are Crypto Kitties, and how do they work?

Crypto Kitties was created in December 2017 by Axiom Zen, a Canadian company. Axiom Zen is involved in several projects, including software development and virtual reality, but Crypto Kitties is one of their most successful to date!

The creators aimed to create an Ethereum game that would let anyone anywhere in the world own virtual animals created by smart contracts. Each cat produced is unique, with different colored fur, eyes, and hair!

There are also different Crypto Kitty genders, each named after a male or female horse! A male Crypto Kitty is referred to as a Sire, while females are referred to as Dames!

Even though Crypto Kitties is a game, you can only buy, breed, and sell them.

Some cats are extremely rare, and they can command a high price. For example, customers have paid more than $100,000 for a single cat in certain cases!

Do you recall buying a pack of Pokémon cards to snag a rare card like Charizard? Crypto Kitties are similar in that when new kittens are born, they are generated at random using a smart contract code!

Crypto Kitties

Advancements of Crypto Kitties –

Crypto kitties were established by Axiom Zen in 2017. These virtual cat assets are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows gamers to buy, collect, breed, and sell their virtual cats via smart contracts. Because the app was built on the Ethereum network, all Crypto kitty transactions are made in Ether.

Genesis, the first Crypto kitty, was sold for 246.9255 ETH (about USD 117,712).

After its release, the game became so popular that it blocked the Ethereum network with transactions. Only a few days after the launch, users had already purchased about $1 million worth of virtual pets.

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What is Crypto Kitties and how does it work –

Crypto Kitties are Ethereum-based Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) created utilizing the ERC721 token standard. Prior to the introduction of ERC721, blockchain tokens were fungible or interchangeable; every Bitcoin or Ethereum token is the same as the next. ERC721 made it possible to create non-fungible, one-of-a-kind tokens.

Crypto Kitties was intended to test the concept of digital scarcity using smart contracts and ERC721 tokens.

Every Crypto Kitty has its own digital genome, which is kept in a smart contract. Any two Crypto Kitties can be bred, and a genetic algorithm (or “attributes”) is used to create offspring with unique characteristics. The unchangeable genotype of a smart contract determines its external appearance or phenotype.

What is the best way to purchase CryptoKitties?

You’ll need a PC or mobile device, a crypto wallet like Meta Mask, and some Ethereum to get started with your Crypto Kitty.

All you have to do now is visit the CryptoKitties marketplace, create an account, select a cat, and click “purchase now.”

If you have enough ETH in your wallet, you’ll be presented with a Dapper transaction window where you can finalize your purchase.

You can also bid on a Crypto Kitty that isn’t for sale, but the owner has the last say on whether or not your offer is accepted.

What is the best way to breed CryptoKitties?

To begin producing Crypto Kitty, all you need is a breeding couple; either one can be the Sire or Dame. After breeding, the Sire will require a brief rest period, which will get longer with each subsequent sire. The Dame will be unable to breed while caring for your new kitten.

Click on one of your litter’s Kitties, then hit the “Breed” button to select the Sire. Then choose a cat to play Dame and click “OK, give them some privacy” to open a transaction window, and you’ll soon have your own bouncing baby Crypto Kitty.

Alternatively, for a small transaction fee, you can breed one of your cats with a public sire.

CryptoKitties in the Future –

In the Cryptokitties (or Kitty verse) reality, you may now participate in catfights and compete on leaderboards in addition to breeding and purchasing cats.

Cryptokitties helped Crypto-collectables, also known as Non-Fungible Tokens, gain popularity (NFTs). Because of Cryptokitties’ enormous success and popularity, people’s awareness of what a blockchain can be used for has grown, resulting in a flood of similar crypto-collectibles and digital items that we can trade online.

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