How to Buy Cryptocurrency in India

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How to Buy Cryptocurrency

In this article we will know how to buy cryptocurrency. If you are new to the crypto world, determining how to buy Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies can be difficult at first.

Fortunately, learning the ropes is fairly simple. Follow these five simple steps to start investing in cryptocurrency.

Keep in mind that investing in cryptocurrency is purely speculative, and your money is at risk. You may lose all or some of your money.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency trading in India is largely unregulated, and if something goes wrong – for example, a company goes out of business – you will have no recourse to seek compensation.

1. Choose a Broker or Cryptocurrency Exchange

To buy cryptocurrency, you must first choose a broker or cryptocurrency exchange. While both allow you to buy cryptocurrency, there are some important differences to keep in mind.

What is the definition of cryptocurrency exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a marketplace where buyers and sellers can exchange cryptocurrencies. Exchanges often have lower fees, but they have more complex interfaces with multiple trading types and advanced performance charts, which can be intimidating to new crypto investors.

WazirX, CoinDCX, Ctskola and UnoCoin are some of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. While the standard trading interfaces of these companies can be intimidating for beginners, especially those with no prior experience trading stocks, they also offer user-friendly easy buying options.

Convenience comes at a price, as the beginner-friendly options are significantly more expensive than buying the same cryptocurrency through each platform’s standard trading interface. To save money, you can aim to learn enough to use the standard trading platform before – or shortly after – making your first crypto purchase.

Important: If you are new to cryptocurrency, make sure your exchange or brokerage accepts fiat currency transfers and purchases in sterling (such as sterling and INR). Some exchanges only allow you to buy cryptocurrency with another cryptocurrency, which means you will need to go to another exchange to buy tokens that your preferred exchange accepts before you can start trading cryptocurrency on that platform.

What is the definition of a cryptocurrency broker?

Cryptocurrency brokers simplify the process of buying cryptocurrencies by providing simple interfaces that interact with exchanges on your behalf. Some charge more than the exchange. Others claim to be “free” while you and other traders make profits by selling information about what a large brokerage or fund is buying and selling, or failing to execute your trade at the best possible market price.

While brokers are undeniably convenient, you should exercise caution when withdrawing your cryptocurrency holdings from the platform. Some, for example, do not allow you to transfer your cryptocurrency holdings from your account.

While this may not seem like a big deal, advanced crypto investors prefer to keep their coins in a crypto wallet for added security. For added security, some people choose hardware crypto wallets that are not connected to the Internet.

2. Create a new account and verify it.

You can register to open an account after selecting a bitcoin broker or exchange. You may need to prove your identity, depending on the platform and how much you want to buy. This is an important action to avoid fraud and meet legal obligations.

You may not be able to buy or sell cryptocurrencies until the verification process is over. The site may ask you to post a selfie to show that your appearance matches the documents you have provided, as well as a copy of your passport or driver’s license.

3. Deposit amount to invest

To buy cryptocurrency you need to make sure you have money in your account. You can link your bank account to your cryptocurrency account or use a debit card to make payments.

4. Place Your Order for Cryptocurrency

Once the funds have been credited to your account, you are ready to place your first bitcoin order. You can choose from hundreds of cryptocurrencies, from well-known ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum to less well-known ones like Theta Fuel or Ruby Asset.

To choose which cryptocurrency to buy, you can input the ticker symbol (e.g. bitcoin is BTC) and the desired number of coins. Most exchanges and brokers allow you to acquire fractional shares of cryptocurrencies, which enables you to buy a small fraction of expensive tokens such as bitcoin or ethereum, which would cost thousands of rupees to hold.

5. Choose a storage strategy

The Reserve Bank of India does not provide financial support for cryptocurrency exchanges, and they are vulnerable to theft and hacking. If you lose or forget your account access code, you may lose your investment. For this reason it is important to have a secure place to store your cryptocurrency.

As mentioned above, you can have little to no control over how your bitcoin is stored if you purchase it through a broker. You have more choices if you buy cryptocurrencies on an exchange:

  • Maintain the cryptocurrency on the exchange. When you purchase bitcoin, it is often kept in an exchange-affiliated “crypto wallet.” You could relocate it away from the exchange to a different hot or cold wallet if you don’t like the provider your exchange partners with or if you want to store it somewhere more safe. You might have to fork up a little money to achieve this, depending on the exchange and the quantity of your transfer.
  • Hot wallets. These are online-stored cryptocurrency wallets that can be used on tablets, PCs, phones or other Internet-connected devices. Hot wallets are useful, but since they are still connected to the Internet, the potential for theft is high.
  • Cold wallets Cold crypto wallets are the most secure option for you to store cryptocurrency as they are not online. They appear as external gadgets such as hard drives or USB drives. However, cold wallets require caution, as if you lose the key code associated with them or the device malfunctions, you will never be able to retrieve your bitcoins. While the same can happen with some hot wallets, others are managed by custodians who can help you gain access to your account in the event of a lockout.

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Different ways to buy cryptocurrency

Although buying cryptocurrencies is a popular trend right now, it is a risky and volatile investment option. Here are some ways to invest indirectly in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies if doing so directly through an exchange or broker doesn’t seem like the best option for you:

1. Wait for Crypto Exchange – Trade Fund (ETFs)

Exchange traded funds are well-liked investments that enable you to quickly and easily buy exposure to hundreds of different assets. This indicates that they offer instant diversification and are safer than choosing individual investments.

2. Invest in Cryptocurrency Related Businesses

If you want exposure to the cryptocurrency market but would prefer to invest in businesses that offer tangible goods or services and are governed by regulations, you can purchase shares in businesses that utilise or own cryptocurrencies as well as the blockchain that enables them. For example, in order to purchase shares in publicly traded corporations such as:

  • Nvidia (NVDA) This technological firm creates and markets graphics processing units, which are the brains of cryptocurrency mining equipment.
  • Since October 2020, Square (SQ), a supplier of payment services for small businesses, has bought Bitcoin worth millions of dollars. The company revealed in February 2021 that Bitcoin accounted for almost 5% of the cash on its financial sheet. Additionally, users of Square’s Cash App can purchase, sell, and store cryptocurrencies.

As with any investment, be careful taking into account your investment objectives and current financial situation before investing in cryptocurrencies or certain businesses that have a significant stake in them. The cryptocurrency is still a very speculative investment because of how volatile it can be – just one tweet could send its price plummeting. This shows that you should invest with caution and caution.

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