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An opportunity to make additional money from equities you currently own robinhood.

We’re devoted to developing products and services that attempt to break down barriers and improve access to the financial system, from fractional shares to IPO access. With the debut of Stock Lending, our democratised method to fully paid securities lending, we’re contributing to this.

“Our form of Stock Lending allows users to put their money to work while keeping things simple,” said Steve Quirk, Robinhood’s Chief Brokerage Officer.

“While clients can add a possible source of passive recurring income to their portfolio, Robinhood does the labour of identifying borrowers and processing transactions.”

“We’re ecstatic to tear down yet another barrier and democratise a commodity that has traditionally been reserved for the wealthy and has significant entrance barriers.”

Customers do not need to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their account to engage in Robinhood, unlike other companies.

We’re opening up fully paid securities lending to clients who previously didn’t have access to it, as well as the chance for passive recurring revenue that comes with it. It’s the Robinhood way of doing things.

How does robinhood work?

A customer grants Robinhood access to lend out any fully paid stocks in their portfolio by enabling Stock Lending. Customers are compensated when a match is made, and we perform the job of identifying potential borrowers.

Customers can simply track earnings, see their positions, and enable or disable Stock Lending at any moment through our straightforward in-app dashboard once shares have been given out.

Is it still possible for a consumer to borrow shares and exchange them? (Robinhood)

Customers can sell shares on loan at any time and receive gains or losses in the same way they would normally. Plus, Robinhood for added security, participant equities are guaranteed by cash collateral held by a third-party bank.


Will a portfolio’s whole holdings be leased out?

Fully paid securities lending is a demand-driven industry in robinhood, which means that securities with a restricted supply have a higher chance of being loaned out and yielding higher returns than securities with a more liquid supply.

Shares held in an account with a margin balance, as well as fractional shares, are not eligible to be leased out under the program.

Why would someone want to take out a loan on a stock in robinhood?

Borrowing stocks by financial institutions and other market participants. Robinhood is common for a variety of reasons, including covering shortfalls, missed deliveries, collateral, and short sales.

This is why stocks with strong demand and little market supply are more likely to be borrowed.

Customers are being rolled out Stock Lending, and we expect it to be available to all customers by the end of May. More information is available at Robinhood Learn and our Help Center.

Not every customer is a good candidate for stock lending. Robinhood Financial LLC provides stock lending services. Robinhood Securities, LLC is a company that lends securities.

There are operational risks involved with securities lending that could affect when or whether your securities are borrowed or recalled, collateral is collected, or payments are made, among other things.

There’s a chance that Robinhood Assets won’t fulfil its responsibilities under the Stock Lending Program and won’t return the securities it borrowed from you.

You will not be able to trade such securities as usual if Robinhood Stocks defaults and is unable to repay lent securities.

The Securities Investor Protection Act may not protect you in the case of securities that have been loaned to you. However, Robinhood Securities provides cash collateral for such securities loans, and that collateral may be the only way for Robinhood Securities to meet its commitments if the loaned securities are not returned.

In some cases, the collateral held on your behalf may not be equal to or more than the value of the securities borrowed.

You could lose your right to vote on borrowed securities and instead receive cash payments instead of dividends. The cash payments could be taxed differently than dividends. Before enrolling in Stock Lending, you should speak with a tax specialist.

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