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pundi x

What is Pundi x?

The largest decentralised offline bitcoin sales network in the world is Pundi X. The site aids in the purchase of items in exchange for digital currency. The initiative offers a complete solution for the online and offline sale of bitcoin.

A decentralised sales network, a multi-currency wallet, a decentralised trading platform, a generic ICO platform, and even offline entry points embedded in businesses are all part of the system. Due to the lack of bank accounts in these areas, the company aims to distribute their Pundi X POS equipment throughout Indonesia and South Asia. XPlugins connect every device to the Ethereum blockchain. The internal cryptocurrency’s ticker is NPXS, and it has a total quantity of 175 million units.

pundi x
what is pundi x

Providing a non-fiat, borderless payment ecosystem -Pundi x –

People are turning to digital currency for a variety of reasons. The most obvious application is for transactions, but digital currency can also be used to promote financial inclusion, solve foreign exchange problems, and even mitigate the volatility of fiat currency.

The XPOS, our blockchain-based payment technology, has piqued the interest of people all over the world. In the face of hyperinflation, emerging markets want the XPOS to help them stabilise their payment systems. Developed markets are collaborating with us to use blockchain technology to digitise and upgrade their payment systems.

The XPOS systems are already in use in more than 30 countries around the world, making digital money transactions as simple as buying bottled water.

Pundi x most adaptable payment environment in the world –

Our partners wish to spread the word about our XPOS solution. We intend to make our API available to developers, allowing them to contribute to the development of a better borderless digital currency payment ecosystem by utilising multiple token usage scenarios.

PUNDI X is a thriving ecology –

Third-parties will need PUNDI X to power transactions, rewards, payments, and incentives in order to keep recruiting developers and partners for the XPOS, XWallet, and XPASS.

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